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  • What is Digital Printing?
    Have you ever had difficulties with small lot flyer or brochure production? For those times, ACCEA is here to help with its digital printing services.
    Digital printing refers to the technology that allows for the printing from a digital-based image directly onto a variety of media. Digital printing allows us to accommodate our customers' needs, no matter how big or small the quantity.
    For example, if you have an event tomorrow where you will need 500 flyers for distribution, or if you have discovered a typo in some materials that you have already printed, fret not! Digital printing is here to save the day.
    To name a few advantages of digital printing, the lead time is short, and no minimum order is required as compared to traditional offset printing methods.

    Place your order today on ACCEA's website, through our very own Web Upload System.
    We are sure we'll be able to meet your deadlines for you.
    If you're looking for fast, cheap, convenient, and quality service, look no further! ACCEA is here for you.

    Document Printing Color

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    Letter 8.5″×11″
    Original Price
    $ 0.60
    $ 0.55
    $ 0.50
    $ 0.45
    $ 0.40
    $ 0.35
    $ 0.30
    $ 0.25
    Legal 8.5″×14″
    Original Price
    $ 0.70
    $ 0.65
    $ 0.60
    $ 0.55
    $ 0.50
    $ 0.45
    $ 0.40
    $ 0.35
    Tabloid 11″×17″
    Original Price
    $ 0.80
    $ 0.75
    $ 0.70
    $ 0.65
    $ 0.60
    $ 0.55
    $ 0.50
    $ 0.45
    Basic charge of print $ 1.00 / file
    • * Prices listed are for single side. Double side will cost twice as much.
    • * A basic charge of $1.00 / file (or each Excel Tab) will be added for printing anything through e-mail or USB drive.
    • * An additional fee of $0.25 applies for non - autofeed copying.
    • * We are unable to copy bank notes, stocks and bonds, or other copyrighted materials.
    • * Depending on the paper, there are cases where additional charges may apply. Please ask for further information.
    • * When copying or printing on a color copy machine the color copy price will be charged.
    • * Depending on the data supplied, there are cases where further charges may be applied. Please ask for further clarification.

    Additional Charged Services

    Other additions
    (up to 30 sheets)
    $ 0.20 / time
    (over 30 sheets)
    $ 0.40 / time
    $ 1.50 / cut
    (by hand)
    $ 0.50 / sheet
    (Large Format Printing)
    $ 0.30 / sheet
    $ 0.05 / fold
    Setting Fee
    (Folding Machine)
    $ 10.00
    (By Hand)
    $ 0.40 / fold
    Hole punching (3 holes)
    up to 50 sheets / per set
    $ 0.50 / time
    Sorting $ 0.15 / time
    Other processing service $ 15.00 / 15min
    Artwork design cost $ 15.00 / 15min
    • Product Specs
    • Q&A
    • Templates
    Offer Details
    Size Letter 8.5″×11″(215.9mm×279.4mm)
    Legal 8.5″×14″(215.9mm×355.6mm)
    Tabloid 11″×17″(279.4mm×431.8mm)
    Eligible Quantity From 1 pcs onwards.
    Paper Stock Digital Performance Text 60LB
    Mohawk Warm White Text 80LB
    Strathmore Pastel Text Natural White 80LB
    Blazer Text Gloss 100LB
    Blazer Text Satin 100LB
    Turnaround Time Please contact us to find out more.

    Copy & Print FAQs

    Digital Printing FAQs

    What are the merits of using digital printing?
    Digital printing allows for the printing from a digital-based image directly onto paper. As such, digital printing has a short lead time (depending on quantity, your order can be completed within the same day). Also, you save on costs incurred for making a printing plate using offset printing.
    What kind of things can I make with digital printing?
    As an example, corporate clients usually place orders for business cards, posters, seminar and training printed materials, and annual reports.
    Individual clients mostly use our services to print school essays, reports, and graduation theses.

    Paper Type, Paper Quality, and Lead Time FAQs

    How much time does it take to print 5000 copies of a flyer?
    Depending on the time that we receive the file(s) to be printed from the customer, same day delivery is possible. Please consult with the nearest store to find out more about lead time and file upload methods.

    Computer Operating Environment & Data FAQs

    Which operating system can I use with digital printing?
    Digital printing is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
    Can I upload a Microsoft Word file for printing?
    Yes, you can. However, uploading Microsoft Office applications (including Excel, PowerPoint etc.) carries the risk of character corruption and/or changes in layout depending on the version of the application used. As such, we request our customers to either provide us with a printed sample with the correct alignments, or to verify the test print (printed at our store) together with our staff.
    For this reason, we highly recommend uploading your file(s) in PDF format.
    Is it possible to print out flyers without a white border around the image?
    Yes, it is possible. However, please make sure to include bleeding in your file(s). Additional cutting fees apply. For more details, please contact a store near you.

    Download Printing Templates

    Finished Size (mm) Download
    Letter 8.5″×11″ 215.9mm×279.4mm Download
    Legal 8.5″×14″ 215.9mm×355.6mm Download
    Tabloid 11″×17″ 279.4mm×431.8mm Download

    * Template(s) are available in Illustrator CS format.

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