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Points of Caution When Uploading Files

Allowed File Types And Extensions

Allowed Applications
Adobe Illustrator(including Illustrator CC)
Photoshop(including Photoshop CC)
Acrobat PDF
Microsoft Office

Points of Caution For Respective Applications
Illustrator Please make sure your images are outlined, and your link images are saved on a different folder (or embedded) before bringing your data to our store.
Acrobat PDF An error might occur during printing if you have made any changes to the security settings.
Microsoft Office Depending on the version of your operating system, there is a possibility of text corruption or misalignment of columns. We recommend converting your file to PDF format to prevent such problems.

Acceptable Media Types

USB drive USBメモリ
Memory Cards SDカード、MicroSDカード、コンパクトフラッシュカード

※Please make sure to finalize your DVD disc before bringing it to our store.

Upload Microsoft Office Application(Word・Excel・PPT)Files

Print Samples

There is a possibility of text corruption and/or misalignment of columns when printing Microsoft Office application(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)files.
For this reason, we request our customers to either provide us with a printed sample with the correct alignments, or to verify the test print (printed at our store) together with our staff.
We will not assume any responsibility for text corruption and/or misalignment of columns in the event that we were unable to contact the customer despite multiple attempts, or if the customer did not wish to check the test print beforehand.

Text Font

In cases where custom fonts are used, the custom font will be automatically replaced with a default font.
The position of certain images on your document might also shift, so we recommend converting your file to PDF format to prevent such issues.
We will try our best to match the test print, but there might be cases where we have to request of the customer to re-upload their file.

※An additional fee of $15 for every 15 minutes will be charged in cases where the customer requests for us to perform data edits.
※PDF files are independent of the execution environment and will help to smoothen the printing process, so we recommend converting your Microsoft Word document to PDF, and then comparing it with the original document to make sure that there are no differences between both files before sending your file for printing.

Points of Caution For Microsoft Word Files

●Depending on your version of Microsoft Word, there is a possibility that there will be a difference in the number of line breaks. This might lead to you having a different number of pages than expected.

Points of Caution For Microsoft Excel Files

●Each spreadsheet counts as one file, so if you have multiple spreadsheets on different tabs, the basic printing charge will be applied for every tab to be printed.
●Please note that there are cases where the printer might automatically rescale the document size in order to achieve an optimal setting, which might lead to having wider white borders around your prints.

Points of Caution For Microsoft PowerPoint Files

●Please confirm your slide size settings by opening the “Page Setup” dropdown menu and clicking on “Slide Size”.
“Letter Paper”, “On-screen Show (4:3)” → You will get a uniform white border on all four sides of the slide.
“On-screen Show (16:9)” → The white borders at the top and bottom sides will be wider than the left and right sides.

WEB入稿PowerPoint WEB入稿PowerPoint WEB入稿PowerPoint

Differences in Coloration

The colors displayed on the computer screen on Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are in RGB, whereas the machines that we use at ACCEA print in CMYK (process colors). As such, please take note that bright tones or red and blue might appear duller in print that on-screen.

Uploading Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop Files

Outlining Illustrator

●Please outline all text in your file.


※The text is outlined if you see paths and anchor points (dots and lines) when you click on the text.

Regarding Images Illustrator Photoshop


●Please make sure that you have either embedded all your link images, or submitted the link images in EPS(recommended), JPEG, or PSD format after converting the color space to CMYK together with your .ai file.
●If you are using filter effects such as transparency and drop shadow, please rasterize the object.
●While it also depends on the required print size, we require a minimum of 100 dpi for large format prints and a minimum of 300 dpi for color printing in tabloid size or smaller.
●Please make sure that the checkbox for “Overprint” is unchecked. If the overprint setting is active, the file will not be printed out as desired.

Please consult with our friendly store staff if you have any queries and we will be more than happy to take a look at your file together with you.

Trim Marks and Bleed Illustrator Photoshop

●There will be a 0.16”-0.20” white border on materials printed digitally. (Refer to Diagram A).
Please make sure not to place any objects beyond the printable area, as this will lead to your print being cut off. In such cases, we will contact the customer to ask for their permission to resize in order for the file to be printed completely.
●The width of the white borders might not look even, especially if the image to be printed is surrounded by borders or frames.We recommend leaving some extra margin space in such cases.
●If you do not wish to have white borders around your printed materials, please add a bleed to your data file according to Diagram B below.


When Uploading Files Via Our Web Upload System

Placing an Order

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