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Self-Adhesive Vinyl Lettering

  • アクセアUSAのカッティングシール Vinyl Sign Cutting
  • Enhance your walls and windows with ACCEA's multi-purpose custom vinyl letterings, which are perfect for when you want your message to stand out and be easily accessible.
    ●Our weather-resistant material ensures that your vinyl letters last long, between 5-7 years.
    *Actual colors may vary from your computer screen. As such, we recommend making a trip down to our store to take a look in person.

    Vinyl Sign Cutting (Outdoor)

    Basic Color

    • White
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • King Blue
    • Silver Metallic
    • Pink
    • Orange
    • Gold Metallic
    • Green
    • Black
    • Lime-tree Green
    • Brown
    • * The color displayed on the screen might differ so please consult with shop staff for recommendations.
    4″ $ 9.00 $ 13.50 $ 18.00 $ 22.50 $ 27.00 $ 31.50 $ 36.00
    8″ $ 10.13 $ 15.19 $ 20.25 $ 25.31 $ 30.38 $ 35.44 $ 40.50
    12″ $ 11.25 $ 16.88 $ 22.50 $ 28.13 $ 33.75 $ 39.38 $ 45.00
    16″ $ 13.50 $ 20.25 $ 27.00 $ 33.75 $ 40.50 $ 47.25 $ 54.00
    20″ $ 18.00 $ 27.00 $ 36.00 $ 45.00 $ 54.00 $ 63.00 $ 72.00
    22″ $ 20.70 $ 31.05 $ 41.40 $ 51.75 $ 62.10 $ 72.45 $ 82.80
    • * Weather resistant for 5 - 7 years.
      1.There are cases where, due to small sizes, letters can not be produced. Please consult with staff.
      2.Additional charge may apply for complex shapes. Please consult with us in advance.
    • * In cases where other colors are used an additional charge of $25 will be incurred.
    • * Two sided color will be charged at 1.5x the basic cost. *Simple Character Shape Creation (by software) is free of charge.
    • * We are able to offer other sizes than those above. Please consult with shop staff.

    • Product Specs
    • Q&A
    Offer Details
    Basic Color White, Yellow, Red, King Blue, Silver Metallic, Pink, Orange, Gold Metallic, Green, Black, Lime-tree Green, Brown
    Size Width: 4″, 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 22″
    length: 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″
    Eligible Quantity From 1 pcs onwards.
    Turnaround Time Please contact us to find out more.

    Self-Adhesive Vinyl Lettering FAQs

    I'd like to stick the vinyl letterings on the inner side of the glass panel... Should I invert the contents of my file(s) before I send them over?
    Yes, that would be ideal. Please do not forget to choose the (Affixing vinyl letterings on the inner side) "Same colored sheet for both sides" option in this case.
    Does ACCEA charge for layout fees?
    If you send us your Adobe Illustrator file(s) complete with trim lines, paths and/or outlines, there will be no layout fees as we will produce the self-adhesive vinyl letterings using your file(s) as is.
    *You can also submit your file(s) in Microsoft Office application format (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx). However, ACCEA will have to charge a layout fee, as we will have to convert your file(s) to Adobe Illustrator format and include the trim lines, paths and/or outlines.
    I need a different color than the ones that are on ACCEA's homepage...
    Not to worry, the colors indicated on ACCEA's homepage are the colors that we carry stock for. We can place an order for the color that you want, for an additional $25. Please allow two extra days for the vinyl sheet to be delivered to our store.
    Customers may choose a color from the 3M Scotchcal Opaque Film J series.
    I'm not sure how I'm supposed to stick these vinyl letterings....
    Not to worry! We have an illustrated guide on how to handle your self-adhesive vinyl letterings. Please refer to the guide for more details.
    What's the smallest size that ACCEA does for self-adhesive vinyl letterings?
    What about the largest size?
    The smallest size is 0.79" x 0.79" per letter/character, please ensure that the smallest cut on your character is at least 0.08".
    However, in some cases, it might be impossible to produce small vinyl letterings for graphically difficult kanji.
    The largest size available is 48" x 22" per character.
    Anything else larger than 48" x 22" will have to be split into a separate vinyl sheet.
    Can I have my logo in multiple colors using self-adhesive vinyl?
    Unfortunately, the logo is cut out from a whole, single colored vinyl sheet. As such, multi-colored logos cannot be made using vinyl sheets.
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